What can MyBoard do?

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Manage your dashboard

Home to all of your boards, including shared with you, and saved boards. Organise your dashboard with an easy drag-and-drop to reorder and a filter for your board types.
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Create boards

Create boards to house your cards with a simple but powerful board creator, including an automatic background generator and customisable colours.
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Customise your boards

Customise the way your board looks and works easily with multiple options to make your board work for you. From different background colours, to custom overlays.
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Manage and invite users to boards

Invite anyone to join your board, whether they're a MyBoard Dev user or not. Fine-tuned board permissions make it easy to add team members or partners to boards.
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Save public boards

Public boards can be saved to your dashboard with one click for easy access to the boards and tools that you need without having to create your own.
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Share boards

Public boards can be shared easily in 2 clicks via the social media and SMS buttons. The URL can also be easily copied, you can even save and share the QR card.
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Embed boards in your blog or website

Share a link to your board with a rich, customisable embed script. The embedded link can be easily resized and different levels of details can be toggled on or off.
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Screenshot for Customise board slugs

Customise board slugs

Make it easier to find and share boards by customising the slug via the slug editor. By default MyBoard uses a unique ID per board for URLs but with a unique slug it can be any (reasonable) word or number you'd like.
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Create public boards

Boards can be made public to easily share with anyone. This is great for sharing dev logs, portfolios, roadmaps, and so many more ideas.
Screenshot for Create custom cards

Create custom cards

Easily create and manage your cards on your boards. With multiple different types of cards, you can create a powerful and useful board to specifically match your needs.
Screenshot for Manage your cards

Manage your cards

Drag and drop cards to move them around your board, the different card types allow you to create diverse and incredibly custom boards.
Screenshot for Add card descriptions

Add card descriptions

Sometimes cards need a little explainer, especially if multiple people are working on one board or you can't quite fit enough in the title. Every card has the option to add a description to include a little context where needed.

Screenshot for Preview URLs

Preview URLs

Get a quick look of your link cards with the quick link preview when creating or editing a card. This live preview is a real-life representation of how your card will look. 
Screenshot for Create link cards

Create link cards

Link cards are great for sharing links to specific webpages or websites. Meta information such as images and descriptions are automatically grabbed from the URL when created, and some link cards will include rich embeds.
Screenshot for Create note cards

Create note cards

Note cards are created with an intuitive "WYSIWYG" editor, allowing you to write useful, rich notes for any purpose. Notes can be as long as you'd like, they will be limited by height on boards but have their own separate page.
Screenshot for Create album cards

Create album cards

Album cards are cards that can consist of images, GIFs, and movies. These can be uploaded when creating or editing a card, as well as descriptions for each individual item. 
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Screenshot for Create file cards

Create file cards

File cards are great for sharing and collaborating on large files, especially ones that aren't images or videos such as PDFs. The file card allows users to download individual files or download all files as a single zip.

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Screenshot for Create checklist cards

Create checklist cards

Checklist cards are a group of items in a list that can be checked off, and re-ordered with drag and drop. Perfect for TODO lists, shopping lists, or progression indicators.
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Screenshot for Create location cards

Create location cards

Location cards are a great way for sharing one or multiple map locations. Easily search for and add locations with the address search and add as many pin markers as you need!
Screenshot for Easily find board, cards, and pages

Easily find board, cards, and pages

Boards, cards, pages, and even user settings can all be searched with our dynamic Powersearch. Powersearch can be brought up with cmd+k, ctrl+k, or by clicking the magnifying glass in the main nav.
Screenshot for Search MyBoard as a non-user

Search MyBoard as a non-user

Public boards, and the cards inside them, can be searched by non-users making it easy for your public board to be discovered and shared.
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Navigate MyBoard with keyboard shortcuts

Navigate around MyBoard even easier with useful, easy to remember keyboard shortcuts. The whole list of shortcuts can be found in the footer by clicking "Shortcuts".

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