What can MyBoard do?

Screenshot for Mass manage cards See feature: Mass manage cards

Mass manage cards

More easily manage your boards with the new mass deletion tool. Simply edit a board and select each card you wish to remove and click the "Delete" button. Useful for re-tooling old boards or starting again.
Screenshot for Preview URLs See feature: Preview URLs

Preview URLs

Get a quick look of your link cards with the quick link preview when creating or editing a card. This live preview is a real-life representation of how your card will look. 
Screenshot for Create file cards See feature: Create file cards

Create file cards

File cards are great for sharing and collaborating on large files, especially ones that aren't images or videos such as PDFs. The file card allows users to download individual files or download all files as a single zip.

Screenshot for Share boards See feature: Share boards

Share boards

Public boards can be easily shared via the "Share" button in the top right of your board. Clicking this button will bring up a few options including social media, SMS, and a downloadable QR code.

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