Create cards feature for MyBoard

Last updated 1 year ago

The different types of cards on MyBoard make for an incredibly powerful, incredibly flexible organisation tool. With so many different types of cards at your disposal there are infinite possibilities for your boards.

Default cards available are:


Link cards allow you to save a specific website or URL to your board with useful dynamic previews.
Some links will automatically embed such as:
  • YouTube/Vimeo videos
  • Codepen snippets
  • Twitter tweets


Note cards allow you to add text notes to your board. These can include ideas, reminders, to-do items, or any other information you want to capture.


Album cards allow you to create a collection of images and videos related to your board. This can be useful for organizing visual materials or creating a visual record of your progress.
MyBoard+ users have access to a few more card types, including:


Map cards allow you to embed a map on your board, which can be useful for visualizing the location of your projects or tasks.


File cards allow you to upload and attach files to your board. This can be useful for sharing documents, presentations, or other resources with your team.


Checklist cards allow you to create a list of items, with the ability to check off each item as it is completed. This can be useful for tracking progress on a project or making sure all tasks are completed.


Poll cards allow you to create useful and engaging polls for getting feedback from your audience or the wider community.