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Using MyBoard as a customised link in bio tool makes it easy to direct your followers to your website or social media profiles.

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Link in bio cards

Below are some example cards that show just how useful MyBoard can be as a link in bio tool. Get started with links, albums, polls, and even more!

Link cards are a great way to share your social media profiles in one link.
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With albums you can share your latest projects in video, image, or gif form!
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Get feedback from your audience with public or private polls.
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Share some information about yourself via the note card and powerful text editor.

Include links, images, tables and a tonne more features.


Below we've hand-picked some amazing features that makes MyBoard the perfect tool to create your next link in bio board.

Customise your boards

Boards can be customised to perfectly match you or your content. There are tonnes of appearance options available such as:
  •  Image background
  •  Solid colour background
  •  Duo-colour gradient background
  •  Colour overlay
  •  Text colour

These can all be mixed and matched to create a unique looking board. The Desktop/Mobile toggle on the right shows how good your board will look on different devices.

Column titles can also be added or removed to make organising cards easier.

MyBoard+ users have access to some more advanced appearance options such as:
  • Display avatar - This option will display the avatar of the board owner above the title
  • Hide navigation bar - This option will hide the top-most site navigation

These options are great for making your board look more integrated into your company or brand.

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Create cards

The different types of cards on MyBoard make for an incredibly powerful, incredibly flexible organisation tool. With so many different types of cards at your disposal there are infinite possibilities for your boards.

Default cards available are:


Link cards allow you to save a specific website or URL to your board with useful dynamic previews.
Some links will automatically embed such as:
  • YouTube/Vimeo videos
  • Codepen snippets
  • Twitter tweets


Note cards allow you to add text notes to your board. These can include ideas, reminders, to-do items, or any other information you want to capture.


Album cards allow you to create a collection of images and videos related to your board. This can be useful for organizing visual materials or creating a visual record of your progress.
MyBoard+ users have access to a few more card types, including:


Map cards allow you to embed a map on your board, which can be useful for visualizing the location of your projects or tasks.


File cards allow you to upload and attach files to your board. This can be useful for sharing documents, presentations, or other resources with your team.


Checklist cards allow you to create a list of items, with the ability to check off each item as it is completed. This can be useful for tracking progress on a project or making sure all tasks are completed.


Poll cards allow you to create useful and engaging polls for getting feedback from your audience or the wider community.

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Subscribe to boards

MyBoard allows users to subscribe to boards to receive notifications and updates about the board's content. This can be useful for staying informed about new and updated content on the board, as well as engaging with others who are interested in the same topics.

Users and non-users on MyBoard can subscribe to boards that they are interested in. When a user subscribes to a board, they will receive notifications about new and updated content on the board, such as new cards or comments. These notifications can be accessed through the user's MyBoard account or through email, depending on the user's preferences.

Non-users can also subscribe to boards on MyBoard by providing their email address. This allows them to receive notifications and updates about the board's content without creating a MyBoard account.
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Create your link in bio today


Get started with MyBoard and become an organising powerhouse. You have questions, we’ve got answers.

Sure, we have a few examples of boards created to showcase the functionality and utility of MyBoard.

MyBoard is fast and accessible via a web browser on any device with an internet connection, and is also available as a downloadable PWA on some devices. Native mobile and desktop apps are in the works!
MyBoard is absolutely suitable for use in a business or professional setting. It can able to help teams collaborate and organize information for projects, meetings, and other work-related tasks.

It can also be a great tool for sharing your professional work as a portfolio or a public asset manager for your brand.
Sure! MyBoard is great for students and teachers especially when it comes to working on and collaborating on projects.

Of course we understand that paying for Pro as a student or paying for each student in your class isn't always feasible. Send us an email at [email protected] with details and proof of your study and we'll put together a bespoke plan for you.
Yes, non-MyBoard users can be invited to join your board and collaborate. They can be easily invited via email (Read more about managing users) in which an invitation to sign up to MyBoard will be sent to them. Once signed up they will automatically be added to your board. 

Note that you may need to ensure that your organization's security policies allow for collaboration with external users, and that you have the necessary permissions to do so.
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