Frequently Asked Questions

How does MyBoard work?

To use MyBoard, you first create a board and then add cards to it. Each card can can be a link, a note, and album etc, and you can organize the cards on the board however you like. You can also invite other users to collaborate on the board with you, and everyone can add, edit, and delete cards as needed.

Are there any example boards?

Sure, we have a few examples of boards created to showcase the functionality and utility of MyBoard.

Can I use MyBoard on my phone?

MyBoard is fast and accessible via a web browser on any device with an internet connection, and is also available as a downloadable PWA on some devices. Native mobile and desktop apps are in the works!

How do I create a board?

To create a new board on MyBoard, you will need to follow these steps:

 - Log in to your MyBoard account.
 - Click on the "Create a new board" button
 - Give your board a name and, if desired, a description.
 - Click the "Create" button to create your new board.

You can now start adding cards and inviting others

How do I invite other users to collaborate?

To invite other users to collaborate on a MyBoard board, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your MyBoard account and navigate to the board you want to share.
  2. Click on the "Edit board" button
  3. Scroll down to the "Manage users" section
  4. Enter the email address or username of the person you want to invite (Non-MyBoard users will be invited to also create an account)
  5. Choose the permissions
  6. Click "Send invite"

Now this user can accept or decline your invitation and you can manage their permissions from this same page.

Can I customize the appearance of my boards?

Yes, MyBoard boards are incredibly customisable with options including:
  • Solid colour background
  • Gradient colour background
  • Image background
  • Custom text colour
  • Custom overlay colour
  • Custom board column titles
  • Even more...

Can I use MyBoard for business purposes?

MyBoard is absolutely suitable for use in a business or professional setting. It can able to help teams collaborate and organize information for projects, meetings, and other work-related tasks.

It can also be a great tool for sharing your professional work as a portfolio or a public asset manager for your brand.

Do you run third-party advertisements?

We currently use Google Adsense to run ads on MyBoard. Any money made from these ads are spent on hosting and improvements across the site. We strive to ensure ads are in no way detrimental to the user experience of MyBoard but if you have any issues please contact us at [email protected].

MyBoard Plus users don't see any ads but if you'd like to support MyBoard but don't need all the features of Plus, subscribing to MyBoard Support helps and gives you an ad-free experience.

Do you run any Pro deals for students

Sure! MyBoard is great for students and teachers especially when it comes to working on and collaborating on projects.

Of course we understand that paying for Pro as a student or paying for each student in your class isn't always feasible. Send us an email at [email protected] with details and proof of your study and we'll put together a bespoke plan for you.

Can I invite non-users to join my board

Yes, non-MyBoard users can be invited to join your board and collaborate. They can be easily invited via email (Read more about managing users) in which an invitation to sign up to MyBoard will be sent to them. Once signed up they will automatically be added to your board. 

Note that you may need to ensure that your organization's security policies allow for collaboration with external users, and that you have the necessary permissions to do so.

What are verified boards?

Verified boards are boards that have been authenticated as belonging to a specific individual or organization. This verification process helps to ensure that the content on the board is genuine and has been created by the person or group that it claims to be from.

Verified boards are be marked with a special badge to indicate their authenticity. Some examples of verified boards could be those belonging to celebrities, public figures, well-known organizations, or MyBoard itself. Verified boards may be held to higher standards of quality and accuracy than non-verified boards, as they represent the views and perspectives of a specific individual or group.

Want your board/account to be verified? Email us at [email protected] or contact us