Frequently asked questions

What is MyBoard?

Starting as a small, personal, web app to keep track of links for possible houses whilst house-hunting, MyBoard has now grown to a fully functional and useful organisational tool. 

From educational tools, to portfolios, to shopping lists, MyBoard is a great and easy way to keep track of multiple pieces of information in one place and share with others or just use privately.

How can I customise my boards?

Boards have a few customisation options. By default you can edit the board title, description, background image, and background colour. Users that upgrade to MyBoard Plus get a few more options such as custom slugs, and custom overlay options.

Can I share my boards?

By default, you can invite 1 person to each of your boards. With the powerful user permissions users invited to boards can manage cards, manage other users, or manage the board itself.

Those that upgrade to MyBoard Plus can invite an infinite number of other users to boards and can make boards publicly available for anyone to discover.

What are public boards?

Public boards are a MyBoard Plus option only, allowing you to create and share out in the open. Public boards can be searched via our public search and easily shared or embedded into other blogs/websites.

Some great uses for public boards could be:
  • A work portfolio
  • Educational resources for students
  • A single source for affiliate links

How do I find boards?

Finding boards is easy for users and non-users alike. The powerful search page searches all boards, cards, and pages with your search term.

Are there any example boards?

Sure, we have a few boards we've created as examples for MyBoard's usefulness, as well as a couple of boards that we actively manage and use.

What kind of cards can I add to my boards?

By default, there are 3 available cards you can add to your boards. These are:
  • Links
  • Notes
  • Albums

Those that upgrade to MyBoard Plus get access to 3 more card types for even more customisation. These are:
  • Files
  • Locations
  • Checklists

How can I customise my dashboard?

Your dashboard can be easily customised by moving boards around with a simple drag and drop, switching between list view or grid view, and filtering your boards by:
  • All boards
  • Your boards
  • Shared with you
  • Saved boards

How can I manage/cancel my subscription?

Easily manage your MyBoard Plus or Support subscription in the billing dashboard at

If you can't access this page for whatever reason you can contact us via or email us at [email protected].

Do you run third-party advertisements?

We currently use Google Adsense to run ads on MyBoard. Any money made from these ads are spent on hosting and improvements across the site. We strive to ensure ads are in no way detrimental to the user experience of MyBoard but if you have any issues please contact us at [email protected].

MyBoard Plus users don't see any ads but if you'd like to support MyBoard but don't need all the features of Plus, subscribing to MyBoard Support helps and gives you an ad-free experience.

How many boards can I join?

Joining boards is a great way see and manage your friends and families boards. By default, users can join up to 2 boards. Joining MyBoard Support bumps that up to 4 boards and those that upgrade to MyBoard Plus can join an infinite number of boards.

How many cards can I create?

Each board can contain up to 12 cards each, however boards that are owned by MyBoard Plus users can contain an infinite amount of boards.

I have a great idea, how do I let you know?

We're open to all of your ideas! We may not always reply straight away but we read and consider every request. If you have an idea to make MyBoard even better you can:

How many boards can I create?

By default, users can create up to 2 boards. MyBoard Support users can create up to 4 boards and MyBoard Plus subscribers are able to create an infinite number of boards.

How do I report a problematic board?

We keep an eye on boards as much as we can, especially public ones. If you find a board that you think may contain illegal or inappropriate material you can let us know via our contact form.

How do I contact you if I have an issue?

Have an issue or a specific question that isn't answered here? We're always here to help and you can:

How do I work with MyBoard?

Want to work with us in a business-sense? Shoot as an email at [email protected].

Let's get organised and create a new board