A new look ✨

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Read below for a full list of the features and bug fixes brought to MyBoard in the 2.2 update.

  • Introduced the changelog page
  • Complete redesign of homepage and relevant pages
  • Replace loading spinner with skeleton on single boards
  • Allow users to subscribe to boards
    • This replaces "saving" boards
  • Allow non-users to subscribe to boards and get email notifications
  • Add basic board analytics
  • Chrome/Firefox extensions
  • Improve 404 and error pages
  • Improve the content warning option
  • Add the ability to password protect public boards
  • Improve the search pop up
  • Improve notes with featured images, table stylings, and coloured text
  • Improve animations
  • Improve modal stylings on desktop and mobile
  • Ability to add tags to cards
  • Created listing page for tagged cards
  • Improve site-wide dark mode settings
  • Created poll card
  • Completely reworked and improved board customisation
    • Background type(Gradient, solid colour, image)
    • Disable or enable overlay
    • Overlay colour / opacity
    • Text colour
    • Disable or enable user avatar above title
    • Disable or enable site navbar
  • Remove auto-generated board background image
  • Small styling changes
  • Updates to new notification previews
  • Introduced the brand toolkit