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An easy-to-use platform for collaboratively creating and sharing links, notes, and more.

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Create your own custom boards

It's easy to get started with creating and customising your own board which will be home to an unlimited variation of cards including links, notes, and photo albums.

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Fill your boards with cards

Add an unlimited number of different types of cards to your board, with drag and drop management, a smart search bar, and different organisation options.

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Manage your dashboard

Home to all of your boards, including shared with you, and saved boards. Organise your dashboard with an easy drag-and-drop to reorder and a filter for your board types.

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Manage and invite users to boards

Invite anyone to join your board, whether they're a MyBoard Dev user or not. Fine-tuned board permissions make it easy to add team members or partners to boards.

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Manage your cards

Drag and drop cards to move them around your board, the different card types allow you to create diverse and incredibly custom boards.

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Create custom cards

Easily create and manage your cards on your boards. With multiple different types of cards, you can create a powerful and useful board to specifically match your needs.

Even more organised with our simple subscription options

MyBoard Free

  • 2 boards
  • 1 public board
  • Join 2 boards
  • Basic board customisation
  • 12 cards per board
  • Invite 1 user per board
  • Ads
  • Link card
  • Note card
  • Album card

MyBoard Support

$5 / month ($50 / year)
  • 4 boards
  • 2 public boards
  • Join 4 boards
  • Basic board customisation
  • 12 cards per board
  • Invite 2 users per board
  • Ad free
  • Link card
  • Note card
  • Album card

MyBoard Plus

$10 / month ($100 / year)
  • Unlimited boards
  • Unlimited public boards
  • Join unlimited boards
  • Advanced board customisation
  • Unlimited cards per board
  • Invite unlimited users per board
  • Ad free
  • Link card
  • Note card
  • Album card
  • Location card
  • File card
  • Checklist card
  • Custom board slugs

Frequently asked questions

1. Are there any example boards?
Sure, we have a few boards we've created as examples for MyBoard's usefulness, as well as a couple of boards that we actively manage and use.
2. What is MyBoard?
Starting as a small, personal, web app to keep track of links for possible houses whilst house-hunting, MyBoard has now grown to a fully functional and useful organisational tool. 

From educational tools, to portfolios, to shopping lists, MyBoard is a great and easy way to keep track of multiple pieces of information in one place and share with others or just use privately.
3. What kind of cards can I add to my boards?
By default, there are 3 available cards you can add to your boards. These are:
  • Links
  • Notes
  • Albums

Those that upgrade to MyBoard Plus get access to 3 more card types for even more customisation. These are:
  • Files
  • Locations
  • Checklists
4. Can I share my boards?
By default, you can invite 1 person to each of your boards. With the powerful user permissions users invited to boards can manage cards, manage other users, or manage the board itself.

Those that upgrade to MyBoard Plus can invite an infinite number of other users to boards and can make boards publicly available for anyone to discover.
5. What are public boards?
Public boards are an incredibly useful board option, allowing you to create and share out in the open. Public boards can be searched via our public search and easily shared or embedded into other blogs/websites.

Some great uses for public boards could be:
  • A work portfolio
  • Educational resources for students
  • A single source for affiliate links

Free MyBoard users can create one public board, with the ability to create more as you subscribe to different tiers
6. How do I find boards?
Finding boards is easy for users and non-users alike. The powerful search page searches all boards, cards, and pages with your search term.

Let's get organised and create a new board