The big update

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Mostly backend focused as we upgrade our tooling and framework versions, with a ton of smaller bugs fixed.

  • [Upgrade] Backend framework and tooling
  • [Upgrade] Increase card description character limit
  • [Upgrade] Indicator icon for private boards
  • [Upgrade] Edit and re-order column titles
  • [Upgrade] Improved album cards navigation
  • [Upgrade] Tags are now searchable in the card forms
  • [Upgrade] Display board title when managing settings
  • [Upgrade] Improved boards "empty state" when there are no cards
  • [Fixed] Location card map stretching
  • [Fixed] Album card title being cut off when images are too small
  • [Fixed] Deleting a tag when editing a card not actually removing tag
  • [Fixed] Two Factor Authentication not enabling
  • [Fixed] Endless loading when visiting a profile boards tab
  • [Fixed] General spacing on some forms
  • [Fixed] Card forms not clearing after creating
  • [Fixed] General alignment on mobile
  • [Fixed] Dark mode not selectable in settings
  • [Fixed] Board view not selectable in settings
  • [Fixed] Long URLs being cutoff in cards
  • [Fixed] Links in cards
  • [Fixed] Display shared boards when viewing someones profile