A welcoming update

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This update brings some changes to the onboarding of new users, some cosmetic changes to the pricing page and boards, and more!

  • Various small bug fixes
  • Rework colour input selector
  • Rework pricing section designs
  • Improved onboarding for new users
  • Redesign checkboxes to toggle style
  • Update body font throughout the site
  • Added existing tags under tags input
  • Slight changes to user settings pages
  • Updated header fonts throughout the site
  • Use board text colours on dashboard links
  • Added Cloudflare recaptcha to register page
  • Redesign board header to a more sleek style
  • Remove ads from homepage and relevant pages
  • Update site icon when user has notifications
  • Add "unsubscribe to all emails" link to emails
  • Changed the "Create board" form to include settings
  • Detect pasting of link anywhere on dashboard to create card
  • Added the ability to mass move/copy cards from board to board
  • The MyBoard logo and other UI elements will now match the boards text colour